5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gradual booklets:

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)


Immaculate Conception — Graduale chants

Graduale: Immaculate Conception (8 December)


These are the revised versions of the chants originally composed for the 1864 Dominican Supplementum ad Cantus Missarum by Fr. Pie Bernard, o.p., later revised by Bernard himself for the 1890 Graduale O.P.

A recording based on an earlier version of my edition of the chants may be found on Ave Maria: Dominicana Chant for the Immaculate Conceptionreleased in 2014 by Dominicana Records.


Melodic and textual variations in «Liberasti nos»

While working on the Gradual chants for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, I noticed that the Suarez Graduale presents an unusually heavily edited version for the responsorium Liberasti nos:



Compare that to the two manuscripts I’m primarily working with:

Rome, Santa Sabina, XIV L1, fol. 348vb:


London, British Library, mss. add. 23935, fol. 414rb:




The Suarez edition presents different neumes on “LibeRAsti” (the original manuscript version of which happens to match what’s in the Graduale Romanum) and “afFLIgentibus.” The melisma on “Deo” in the verse is quite different. Finally, Suarez gives the final part of the verse as “et in nomine tuo confitebimur in saecula” (and in your name we will give praise forever) whereas the manuscripts provide “et nomini tuo confitebimur in saecula” (and to your name we will give praise forever). I expect that the 19th/20th century editors of what’s presented in the Suarez edition had to conform the text to what was in the corresponding missals, but it is difficult to tell why the melody was altered so significantly.

Here is my draft edition of this chant: